Financial Freedom Federation

This project describes social and political technology of global economy improvement, political contradictions reduction in domestic and international policy stimulating innovations development.

For the first time we offer to carry out fund raising for the socio-political movement via the Initial Coin Offering mechanism. We suggest to unite the socio-political movement creation with commercial corporate mechanisms which can be carried out through structure of the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).

The right to financial independence and opportunity to emit own money (if it does correspond to certain requirements) is an inalienable natural right of each person, the same as right for air, water, food, private property and opportunity to lend, sell and give it out.

We consider the main method of fight for human rights information distribution about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and mechanisms of fund raising for dream realization via Initial Coin Offering crowdfunding mechanisms.

Such information distribution will be our main task.

Even existence of legislative prohibitions on this distribution shouldn’t be an obstacle for us, as removal of such prohibitions and restrictions by changing the mass consciousness is our exact purpose.

Our movement tokens will give a chance to vote for the chosen behavior strategy and to make impact on its activity.

We plan to work via information distribution about our ideology, about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies and also about how free emission of decentralized payments will help the economy development.

Such information materials can be, for example, smart contracts catalogs with an open code for carrying out ICO distributed according to free licenses and also instructions clear to an ordinary person about how to release his own cryptocurrency via Initial Coin Offering mechanisms, and any other materials.
Besides, we plan to help movements, organizations and lawyers working in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies field.

Also we’re planning the insurance fund creation for compensation payments and lawyers fee for all victims of the central authorities action.

The anarchism assumes absence of the power. At the same time decentralization doesn’t assume absence of the power, but only transfers its functions to collective management bodies.

Until recently such authorities showed the inefficiency because of the human factor.

However decentralized governing bodies based on the effective system of the smart contracts (created and verified by collective consciousness) can solve this problem and for the first time in the history of mankind provide decentralized hi-tech decision.

Financial Freedom Federation